Who believes in superstantial beauty?

This world says beauty is either skin-deep or heartfelt. Here at Vi, we believe that the “superficial” and the “substantial” intersect somewhere between your smile and your soul. So come on in. Show up as you are – gorgeous, fear-filled, powerful, and in need of some yum for your lashes, your skin, and your spirit. Don’t worry how you’re showing up; just show up. We will too.

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Safe space. Authentic connections.

Our team is obsessed with making you look and feel beautiful. Each of our Vi Beauty collaborators is unique, and we weave our talents together to bring out the best in you.



Vulnerabilities: I am terrified of spiders, I can not watch a scary movie without watching a Disney movie right after, I am scared of letting someone down, I am scared of taking an unknown path in life

Joys: Fitness, walking my morkipoodle, spending time with family, online shopping, Starbucks, accomplishing a project



Vulnerabilities: My biggest fear is being late, Therefore I wake up two minutes before my alarm clock every day. I also wish there were 7 or so more hours in a day to get everything done.

Joys: My biggest Joys are family and friends. I am blessed with two wonderful children and a wonderful husband who challenge me every day. I am also so blessed to make a living doing what I love and serving others.



Vulnerabilities: Being misunderstood, failing.

Joys: Nature, traveling, music.



Vulnerabilities: Public speaking.

Joys: Working out. Spending time with my doodle, Benji. Ttraveling the world, and learning something new because there is always room for improvement.



Vulnerabilities: Dressing rooms (too small, I’d rather shimmy into the item right in the open fresh air), being chased, that I won’t fit into the lines, that true belonging will mean bleeding outside the lines a bit, that I am not equipped to guide my children to genuine self-love. That I don’t have enough time for all the change I would like to see in myself.

Joys: Writing. Seeing my children smile when they do something that, deep in their heart, they are proud of. Rainbows, hand holding, the sun on my face. When I connect with another human in a present and meaningful way.



Vulnerabilities: I fear letting people down, reading somebody the wrong way, and snakes.

Joys: The endorphin surge I get from working out, my kids’ milestones, seeing my patients results after treatments.



Vulnerabilities: I don't like being put on the spot, am horrible at math, hate June bugs, and the wind scares me.

Joys: I love horror movies, camping in the summer with family, spending time with friends, and traveling (especially when a beach is involved!)



Vulnerabilities: heights, natural disasters, failure, and poisonous spiders

Joys: watching my kiddos explore the world and achieve their goals (Climbing a tree! Scoring in soccer! Learning Spanish!), live music, nerdy board games and escape rooms, date nights with my husband, cabin time, Ted Lasso, cheesecake, and books.



Vulnerabilities: I’m terrified of clowns. Airplanes freak me out! I’m afraid of not leaving a mark. Change scares me.

Joys: Cooking, Playing Warzone, Taking care of my 2 puppies, Being an auntie.



Vulnerabilities: Not meeting the expectations I've set for myself or set by others, downhill skiing, and swimming in weeds!

Joys: Helping family and friends, traveling to new places locally and internationally, snowy evenings in December, and watching my husband and 4 kids make each other laugh

Team at Vi Beauty Lab in Wayzata, Minnesota


Exclusive service. Inclusive vibe.

It’s scary to be vulnerable, to share your fears and to live recklessly joyful. You know what? The mess is where the beauty is. So come into Vi Beauty Lab and we’ll get messy with you.


Through shaping, framing, and tinting, we accentuate your brows to enhance your features.


Achieve a brighter, healthier glow from the inside out with our skin-care services. 


Natural looking injectable treatments to plump up your lips and lines for a revived and refined look


By providing an authentic, healthy approach to lashing we unmask your natural beauty.

Men's Services

Because manly men need to be pampered too.

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Make yourself a priority.

Become a Vi Beauty member and pamper yourself with member-only perks and bonus offerings off of our products and additional services.

our story

Everyone has a story. 

The one we tell ourselves. The ones we tell each other. 
The ones we share, and the ones we protect. 

Mine started on a weary Sunday by overhearing, 

“we aren’t called to change the world. We are called to simply love the people right in front of us.”

Wait, that’s it? If we love the people in front of us, so that they can love the people in front of them and then they can love the people in front of them…then isn’t that what changes the world

Beauty as a division of our internal and external selves never made sense to me. I wanted to disrupt that very concept. So I created a place where anyone can show up whole – no matter what that looks like.

That led me to Vi and Vi to me. 

Vi is a place to choose you – however you are. So, you can go out and love yourself and the people right in front of you. 

This is just one of my stories, we’ll save the rest for when we see you.  

– Danielle Anderson,
Owner | Vi Beauty Lab

Image of hexagon with text "Be your own kind of beautiful" from Vi Beauty Lab in Wayzata, MN

wanna come over?

You are beautiful, and we see it.

Here at Vi, we show up curious about the world, and ourselves, and you. We are ready to serve you in a superstantial way. When you walk out of Vi and into the wild world, we want you to feel brave and connected to your gritty and graceful self. The possibilities are right here – so embrace all your vibrant colors at Vi Lab and always color outside the lines.