5 Everyday Mantras For Self-Love

5 Everyday Mantras For Self-Love

Our minds are powerful tools, and when we engage with them the right way we can use them to guide ourselves to a greater experience of self-love. Often used by therapists and psychologists to help their patients, loving-kindness meditation has been shown to positively impact empathy, mental and physical health. In elementary school, we repeat our times tables, vocabulary words, and even the pledge of allegiance to root ideas in our minds. Similarly, repeating positively-powered mantras implants them as enduring truths and values that influence us even when we’re not thinking about them. While it may feel silly or uncomfortable at first, harnessing the power of affirmation is a beautiful gift we can give to ourselves. Keep reading for 5 mantras you can repeat every day to improve your sense of self-love. 

1. “I Am Worthy” 

When we wake up in the morning, many of us spend time scrolling through our social feeds. Studies show a strong correlation between social media use and diminished self-esteem. Comparing ourselves to others on social media leads to feelings of unworthiness and loops us into a cycle of seeking outside validation on the very platforms that are causing us harm. Before you start your morning routine, set your timer for 5 minutes and repeat the phrase “I am worthy” in your head, out loud, or a combination of the two. You may not believe it in the beginning, but soon it will become a foundation of your self-love. 

2. “I Am Good.” 

The world we live in places a lot of emphasis on the perceived dichotomy between good and bad. The result for many people, especially women, is that we become obsessed with our flaws and mistakes, and start to define ourselves through our worst moments. This type of self-criticism has been shown to cause depression and anxiety. The truth is, we all do bad things from time to time, but those things shouldn’t define us. Take time out of each day to repeat the mantra “I am good.” This will train your subconscious mind to identify with the qualities you love about yourself. If you’re at a place in your life where you feel like you’re behaving in ways that aren’t consistent with your own goodness, this mantra is especially important. As it shifts from a phrase to a belief, your behavior will reflect its message. You deserve to know your own goodness. 

3. “This is Temporary”

Whether we’re facing hardship or having the time of our lives, the mantra “this is temporary” is extremely helpful in building a deeper connection with yourself. It’s easy to define ourselves through our circumstances, both good and bad, but our circumstances are constantly changing. Grounding ourselves with the daily mantra “this is temporary” has two main effects. One: it makes it easier to remain calm when we’re struggling with a challenging situation. Two: it teaches us to make the most out of good times. The reminder that “this is temporary” is a loving gift to one’s self. 

4. “I Have So Much to Share.”

Believing in our gifts and sharing them with the world are an important part of overall self-worth and happiness. When we feel bad about ourselves, identifying and growing our talents can be a challenge. For women, there’s an additional societal component that makes owning our talents and positive traits challenging. A powerful way to combat this and achieve a fuller sense of self-love and happiness is embedding the belief “I have so much to share” into our personal paradigm. This is a mantra you may want to repeat in the morning to power your day and at night to help yourself reflect on the good you brought into the world. 

5. “I Am Beautiful”

It’s not a secret that our culture is obsessed with increasingly narrow perceptions of beauty. While the vast majority of us aren’t supermodels, all of us are beautiful. Sadly, the further we veer from those cultural standards, the more likely we are to feel badly about ourselves and seek extreme measures to “correct” our looks. Studies show that cultures that define beauty more broadly experience higher rates of personal satisfaction. Empower yourself to own your own beauty and love the vessel you’re in by repeating the mantra “I am beautiful.” After you’ve practiced this mantra for a few weeks, challenge yourself to do it in front of your mirror. Notice how differently you see yourself. 

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