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Birthday: 4/16

Vulnerabilities (fears): My biggest fear is being late, Therefore I wake up two minutes before my alarm clock every day. I also wish there were 7 or so more hours in a day to get everything done.

Joys: My biggest joys are family and friends. I am blessed with two wonderful children and a wonderful husband who challenge me every day. I am also so blessed to make a living doing what I love and serving others.

Alicia, an employee at Vi Beauty Lab in Wayzata, Minnesota

Pertinent Education and Experience

Atelier Esthetique, NYC

Specific Education, Schooling and Experience to the services you perform at Vi

  • Internationally certified in 38 countries
  • Certified Elleebana trainer
  • 14 years (skin)
  • 8 years (lashes)
  • 3 years (Elleebana)

Something you love about yourself

I love that I am someone who can be confided in. I think we all can be happier and more levelheaded if we just have someone to help us get out our frustrations and know that it’s a safe place where there is no judgement.

What is your Superpower & why?

My super power is that I can carve out time to get my tasks done and that through services I can give valuable time back to the clients I serve. They can wake up in the morning and go!

What is your favorite Service to perform and why?

Lymph Drainage is my favorite service because it clears inflammation of all kinds and promotes a healthy system. I can do the same movements on everyone and they will get their own personal benefit from it even though their inflammation might present differently than someone else’s.

What services are you most passionate about and why?

I am passionate about all of Vi’s services. They are important in different ways and are very complementary. The instant pick me up of a facial or lash and brow services, to the deeper skin treatments with longer lasting effects like needling, injectables and peels.