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Birthday: 9/26

Vulnerabilities (fears): I don’t like being put on the spot, I am horrible at math, hate June bugs, and the wind scares me.

Joys: I love horror movies, camping in the summer with family, spending time with friends, and traveling (especially when a beach is involved!)
Brittany headshot

Pertinent Education and Experience

I have 3+ years of training as an esthetician, and 3+ years of experience with lashes.

Specific Education, Schooling and Experience to the services you perform at Vi

I am constantly working and training to keep up with new and changing trends and services.

Something you love about yourself

My laugh.

What is your favorite Service to perform and why?

My favorite service to perform is lash extensions. I love seeing the look on peoples’ faces after they get their lashes done. They look so happy and feel beautiful!