vi collaborative


Birthday: 5/19

Vulnerabilities (fears): I’m terrified of clowns. Airplanes freak me out! I’m afraid of not leaving a mark. Change scares me.

Joys: Cooking, Playing Warzone, Taking care of my 2 puppies, Being an auntie.

Leah headshot

Pertinent Education and Experience

Lash Technician; 1.5 Years – will be 2 in January 2022!

Specific Education, Schooling and Experience to the services you perform at Vi

Lash Technician; LA Beauty School. I perform lash extensions at vi. I am mega volume certified & completed an apprenticeship at Blinke.

Something you love about yourself

I love being able to set goals for myself and achieve them. I love how outgoing I am and my ability to connect with others. I am very emphatic & I love to make others smile. Making others day, makes mine.

What is your Superpower & why?

The ability to stop time; to enjoy moments a little longer

What is your favorite Service to perform and why?

I love lashes! I have loved lashes since I started getting them in 2016. I think the thing I’ve love most about lashes is how creative I can be with them. How they make me feel after I wake up from my lash nap.