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Birthday: 8/21

Vulnerabilities (fears): Being misunderstood, failing.

Joys: Nature, traveling, music.

Lena, an employee at Vi Beauty Lab in Wayzata, Minnesota

Pertinent Education and Experience

I am a Certified Laser Specialist and a licensed Esthetician and Advanced Practice Esthetician. I was a Laser Technician at Envy Skin Clinic prior to joining Vi Beauty Lab as an AP Esthetician.

Specific Education, Schooling and Experience to the services you perform at Vi

I studied at the National Laser Institute in Dallas, TX and at the Minnesota School of Cosmetology, where I graduated with an Esthetician license. I am Laser, Microneedling, Hair Health, Lash Extension, Barbicide, and OSHA Certified. I stay up to date with my training on product knowledge and modalities to keep up with advancing technology and the latest trends.

Something you love about yourself

I love my ability to be open-minded and understanding.

What is your Superpower & why?

My superpower is being able to visualize perfect placement and the most flattering style for clients, while being very meticulous.

What is your favorite Service to perform and why?

My favorite service to perform is the jelly mask over top any (dermaplane, microdermabrasion) facial and anything that provides a deep exfoliation in order to brighten and add hydration back to dull, dry skin! I also enjoy performing chemical peels because they can provide clinical results when completed in a series and they allow for fresh new skin to show through!