Embracing Superstantial Beauty

Embracing Superstantial Beauty

There is only one word to describe internal and external beauty; the word ‘beauty’ itself. Somewhere along the line, the word ‘beauty’ was linked solely to the external, physical qualities we see.

But beauty isn’t one dimensional. If we limit beauty only to the parts of a human that we can see, we only get a snippet of the story; we only see part of the whole. We are not all the Crayola 4 count and beauty isn’t one lane. Beauty begins the moment you decide to be true to yourself; there is a direct link between what you see and how you feel about yourself. And there are lots of glorious stops in this journey.

The relationship we have with ourselves is one of the most precious relationships we possess. We have heard a million times that we need to love ourselves before we can love others. Do we realize that means we need to nurture our relationship without ourselves? If we cannot acknowledge our own beauty, we create cracks in how we see ourselves. Self-love is beautiful; but it is also deeply gritty work.

Beauty begins with the way you feel about yourself.

Beauty reflects what’s happening on the inside around your heart, and that affects how you show up on the outside.

Embracing Superstantial Beauty

Here at Vi, we believe that the “superficial” and the “substantial” intersect somewhere between your smile and your soul. ‘Superstantial’ is a marrying of words, giving voice to the idea of internal and external beauty in one word. The superficial – (outside) situated or occurring on the surface of the skin and the substantial – (inside) of considerable importance, size, or worth.

This word encompasses all of the bold, messy, and vibrant colors that make us human – inside and out – including all of our gritty, gutsy, and gorgeous looks and emotions.

All too often, we don’t give ourselves the time and space to discover and admire the beauty in our own body, heart, soul, and spirit. The work of loving oneself isn’t only mental, it’s also physical. At times, it seems easier to hide or mask our emotions than to embrace our vulnerabilities and joys head-on. To do the work of loving self and feeling the beautiful mess of that relationship is central to empowerment of self.

We dare you to show up as you are – gorgeous, fear-filled, powerful, and feed your soul, your skin, and your spirit with joy. Don’t worry how you’re showing up; just show up.