How to Come Back from Over-Plucking

How to Come Back from Over-Plucking

Beauty trends are fickle. Sometimes thin in is and sometimes natural curves are sought after. This is as true for our eyebrows as it is for our bodies. Ancient Greeks and Romans thought the unibrow was the height of above-the-eye beauty, while women in the middle ages plucked their brows to near-absence to make their foreheads look larger. Throughout the 20th century, the ideal brow volleyed between thick and thin over decades-long cycles, ending the millennium with heavily tweezed looks. Younger people today may not remember the pencil thin brows of the 1990s and early 2000s, but icons like Rhianna and Bella Hadid have reintroduced the over-tweez to Gen Z for seasonal appearances. Whether you’re battling to bring your brows back from days of Y2K over-plucking or returning to a natural look from a more recent passing craze, hope for your brows isn’t lost. 

While many of us may have been warned that once you over-pluck the damage is done forever, that isn’t true. With patience and care you can easily come back from over-plucking. The team at Vi Beauty Lab is here to tell you how. 

1. Be Patient and Kind to Yourself

Have you ever grown out a pixie cut? Navigating those awkward, in-between lengths can seem like a lifetime and it’s easy to give up or hide under a hat. The same is true for growing back your over-plucked brows. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months for brows to grow back evenly, so you’ll need to practice a little patience and self love during that time. This part may be hard, but while you’re growing out your brows it’s time to take a break from self-tweezing. Because growth cycles are tricky, you’ll need to avoid plucking strays. LA-based brow expert, Giselle Soto actually recommends leaving them alone completely for six to 8 weeks and then heading in to see a professional for shaping. It may be stressful to wait in that between zone, and that stress won’t help your hair grow faster. Take some time to meditate, practice yoga or your favorite relaxing self-care routines. Your heart and mind will thank you, and so will your brows. 

2. Support Regrowth Inside and Out

While you’re making your brow comeback, you can help the process along with a healthy diet and topical treatments. One of the biggest assists you can offer your follicles is biotin. Found in all sorts of yummy foods like sweet potatoes, nuts, salmon and cauliflower, biotin has been shown to promote hair regrowth. You’ll also want to include plenty of iron-rich foods and omega 3s. In addition to a healthy hair-regenerating diet, you can apply topical boosts to trigger your brows’ regrowth. Natural oils like rosemary and castor have been used to promote hair growth, though pregnant women should stick to rosemary oil due to the risk of triggering contractions. There are also a number of serums on the market that contain these ingredients that are formulated specifically for cosmetic use on the brows and lashes. Be mindful when using other over-the-counter hair growth treatments, as putting them on your brows may trigger unwanted hair growth elsewhere on your face. 

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Fake it Till You Make It

While you’re waiting patiently and eating right, there are little tricks that can help you through the rough stages of regrowth. Use a highlighting concealer to mask strays and a tinted brow gel to create a fuller look. Many brow gels contain ingredients like squalane and vitamin E that help strengthen and promote hair growth. This is a great time to play around with styles and shapes you may be interested in. Let yourself bask in this in between phase and have fun exploring new looks. Finding joy while you’re in the process of regrowing your brows will make the time fly by faster. You can even come in for a brow tint and brow lamination while you’re in the process of growing your brows, as these services keep the strength and integrity of the hairs. 

Embrace Bold Brow Beauty with Vi Beauty Lab

Vi Beauty Lab’s brow artists are skilled and passionate about making our guests look and feel their best with brow services tailored to your tastes, needs and look. Whether you’re just starting out on your journey to regrow your eyebrows or have been on the regrowth journey for several weeks, our brow specialists can provide guidance and support along with custom brow tint, brow lamination, waxing and threading services. We also offer a variety of lash, injectable and skin services, each customized just for you. Trust us when we say, we’ve all hit peaks and valleys when it comes to putting our best faces forward. From misguided makeup looks to questionable tweezing trends, we have certainly been there. So come into our judgment-free zone where you’re free to be you and find a helping hand to restore your brows and your confidence.  Make an appointment today by visiting Vi Beauty Lab online or calling (612) 299-1221.