It’s Time to Disrupt the Beauty Narrative

It’s Time to Disrupt the Beauty Narrative

From music to art to nature and beyond, our brains light up when we’re compelled by something beautiful. People have always found ways to adorn and decorate themselves to express and share their individuality and beauty with the world. The narrative around individual beauty, how it is defined and expressed, has become decidedly UNBEAUTIFUL. Fraught with tension, judgment, stress and stigma, the beauty narrative leaves many people feeling like they’re in a wobbly spot.

How we engage with beauty begins with how we think about it. As hard as it is to let go of the historical and cultural paths that have led to feelings of pressure or rejection, it’s the only way to stop perpetuating the harm. On behalf of the almost 8 billion beautiful souls worldwide, we’re here to embrace the simple truth that beauty, in all its diverse forms, is wonderful, joyful and deserves to be fun. 

Free Your Mind

Women who reject beauty routines and services are often dismissed as “letting themselves go,” while those who embrace and pursue them are dismissed as “shallow.” Men seeking beauty services are dismissed as being unmasculine, leaving many to forgo self-care or expression. Throughout this spectrum, people are often left wondering whose standards they’re trying to meet and whose agenda they’re following. We see the impact this toxic beauty discourse has on our friends, clients and even ourselves. When we limit beauty through strict definitions or stigmatize beauty as vanity, we see beauty through a lens of judgment and diminish our pleasure and connection to others and to ourselves.

Beauty isn’t linear, and it can be so messy. It starts with our heart and then moves to our outsides. It does not belong to one type, age or gender. So, what makes you feel gorgeous?

Forget the Rules

So many “rules” regarding beauty get thrown around, many of which contradict each other and some of which are just plain arbitrary. (Who says we can’t rock a white trouser after Labor Day?!) We internalize these rules and end up using them to judge ourselves and others. We dare you to throw the rules in the dirt and stomp them out with your stilettos. The only thing that matters is that you see yourself as part of all the beauty that you see in the world. You are not a spectator of all the beautiful things, you are an active participant, but only if you believe it. So, forget the rules and disrupt social norms around beauty, mix it all up, spin it around and design it your way. Then own it. Confidence looks gorgeous all over your skin, love. 

There is no such thing as “should” or “shouldn’t” when it comes to how you choose to express yourself. The only rule we follow is: no shoulding yourself. 

Give Up on Aging Gracefully and Age Authentically

The term “aging gracefully” has become a sort of backhanded compliment to older women who look good “for their age.” What does that even mean? To be honest, these days, it is really difficult to know how old anybody is. Did you know that Gwen Stefani is 52?! Can you imagine saying to her, “Whoa, Gwen, you look so good…for your age?” No way, not a chance. She just looks unapologetically stunning – bright red lips, fishnets, and no apologies, no shoulds. And yes, she has possibly had “work done”, and I wonder why we sometimes say that of one another and feel shame around it for ourselves. Because the truth is that I think Gwen’s biggest secret is her mindset and the way she loves. If you want to head to the medspa near you to fill fine lines and wrinkles, and you feel good afterwards, then how you got there just doesn’t matter, lovely. And if you never step foot into a medspa, and you feel good and shine so bright, great. We need to celebrate each other’s hearts just the same. With or without beauty services, aging is a stunning journey all men and women must go on. As Julianne Moore told As If Magazine last year:

“How do we continue to challenge ourselves, to interest ourselves, learn new things, be more helpful to other people, be the person that your friends and family need or want? How do we continue to evolve? How do we navigate life to have even deeper experiences? That’s what aging should be about.”

Shamelessly Embrace Your Beauty At Vi Beauty Lab

Vi Beauty Lab is a Wayzata medspa that believes strongly in loving the human in front of you. When you look in the mirror, the human in front of you is, well, you. No matter your age, size, gender, facial symmetry, or style, you deserve to express yourself however you like. It’s not a choice between succumbing to the patriarchy or protesting it. It’s 2022. You are the canvas for your own definition of beauty. Love the look of a full pout? You’re not letting anyone down by getting lip injections. Love your eyes? Get those volume lash extensions and enjoy them without judgment. Fellas, you can embrace going hunting all day and then enjoying men’s beauty services, including botox, without apology or shame. Traditional ideas of beauty do not need to define us; we just need to share our individual beauty with the world however we want to: free of pressure and full of joy.

You work on finding ways to love the human in the mirror and we will make sure we work on serving and loving the human in front of us, which is you. Stop by Vi Beauty Lab for a judgment-free space to celebrate beauty your way.  You can schedule a service online or by calling (612) 299-1221. We look forward to seeing you