Look Beautiful, Feel Beautiful: Beauty Routines

Look Beautiful, Feel Beautiful: Beauty Routines

When I was younger, I loved makeup. I experimented and created.

Until one day, I got the message that spending my time on a “beauty routine” meant a thing that didn’t match my heart.

So, I stopped.

To this day, I do not know how to put on makeup myself. Whenever I see a gorgeous woman enhancing the beauty that is already there with the art and magic of makeup; I always wish I had kept the skill.

Now, I know that digging into what is important to you and to your heart is what matters.

For instance, I know that when my eyes are lashy and big and bold and bright, I feel confident and ready to face the day. I feel the exact same way when I fill my soul and my brains with a good book by Paulo Coelho.

I feel deep joy when I wake up and know that because of my beauty choice to take care of my skin and lashes, I have bought myself time.

This extra time goes to snuggling my yawning, stretching, crusty-eyed, silly, precious little humans.

I feel confident because my skin, bold lashes, and brows framing my eyes make me feel pretty and seen by me, to me, for me.

I own what matters to me and what makes me feel beautiful.

And if a part of that is a bold, outward-facing beauty; we should all have the confidence to decide for ourselves how that attaches to our hearts.

Confidence comes from doing the work of knowing who you are and what you need and then owning it. Then connect your routine and your energy to that knowing.

And for some of us, that may be a beauty routine that makes us feel confident and beautiful.

A beauty routine is the one thing that we do for self, it’s precious and private. Taking care of ourselves, loving ourselves and putting our own oxygen mask first, is not selfish, it allows us the presence to move through our days in grace and love the people in front of us.

So, embrace your beauty routine and whatever that means for you – from bold lashes to lively music – and take the time to water your skin, spirit, and soul.

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