Retaining Self-Love As Our Bodies Change

Retaining Self-Love As Our Bodies Change

Have you ever looked back at a picture of yourself from ten years ago and thought, “Wow. I was so pretty. Why did I waste all that time feeling bad about myself?” In 2021, a viral Tweet blew the lid off just how common this experience is. Seeing ourselves in a new light, removed from whatever we were going through at the time, helps us see what we couldn’t see then. Many of us experience this phenomenon in every decade, never fully loving ourselves as we are at the present moment. As our bodies change, self-love and a positive body image can be a particular challenge. Gaining or losing weight, pregnancy, discovering the impact of gravity and seeing stretch marks make maps on our bellies can trigger that voice in our minds that says, “you’re not perfect so you’re not pretty.” At Vi Beauty, our reply is, “Says who?!” Would we speak to our best friend like this? Our sister? A stranger? Then why speak to the woman we see in the mirror this way? 

All bodies are different. All bodies change. With the bigness and longings inside of us, all the changing can feel like a loss of control. Your spirit and your soul remain steadfastly you, and they deserve love no matter what your body is doing. Keep reading for Vi Beauty’s advice on retaining self-love as your body changes. 

1. Do Something You Love

We love cosmetics and aesthetics, and if you’re reading this you probably do, too. Having  a hobby or passion unrelated to beauty provides an anchor for those days when the reflection in the mirror isn’t feeling as sparkly. Engaging in a hobby is good for your heart both figuratively and literally.

No matter how developed our skill is, doing something we enjoy deepens our connection with ourselves and gives us an opportunity to simply be who we are, without thinking about how we’re being

perceived physically. Creating, playing or tinkering also enables us to take pride in something we have done, rather than how we look. Grow something, make something, or volunteer for a cause you care about; fill your sweet soul. Read, take classes or start a collection. Give yourself the gift of joy. Developing a hobby is a love that will stay with you throughout whatever iterations your body cycles through, helping you keep a healthy body image throughout.

2. Reframe Your Changes

Life isn’t static, so why do we expect our bodies to be? Our bodies have been changing since we took that first breath and they’ll continue to change until our last. Throughout this incredible journey, our bodies show our experiences and mark the time we’ve spent living our own unique life upon this earth. Pregnancy and postpartum physical changes are among the most common causes of disoriented body image and challenges to self-love. There is often tremendous pressure to “get back” to a body that had never done what this new body has. Each change pregnancy brings to the body either serves a purpose in fostering new life or demonstrates that this body housed and nourished someone precious. When our bodies change from illness or struggle, those changes can symbolize our strength and resilience. Even gaining weight after a breakup can show you how you found comfort when you needed it. 

Reframing physical changes shifts the focus from narrow beauty standards to a celebration of self. Your body exists within a context, and remembering that context reminds you of what you’ve accomplished and what you’ve survived. 

3. Celebrate What Your Body Can Do

Many of us spend a lot of time thinking about what we wish our body could do or look like. We see other bodies and we pick ourselves apart. We celebrate what other bodies have going on, why not celebrate what we have going on? We know it is easier said than done, we also know, positive thinking begets a positive outcome. Get that beautiful body out in the sun and see what it can do. Try new things with this sweet body of yours. Overcome a thing you never thought you could do or just set a goal and meet it. Your body is only yours and how you feel about it connects deeply to your heart. We all have longings inside of us, don’t allow them to stay prisoner in there. Let those longings loose on the world and use your gorgeous body to do it. What could be the worst thing that could happen? So many people tell us, failure. What if we do fail? At Vi Beauty, we say, when we fail, it can sting and then we inevitably learn.  We also believe, not trying is the real failure. Just start. Dip your toe into the water of what your body can do and you will find a whole new way to love yourself. 

If you’re struggling with body image or self-love, take a minute each night to jot down what your body did that day. Resist any urge to judge it, positively or negatively. Soon you’ll see that each aspect of your life is made possible by your body.

Show Yourself Love At Vi Beauty Lab

When you come into Vi Beauty Lab, you’re entering a self-love zone. Our team is here to help you see yourself the way we see you: strong, capable and stunningly beautiful inside and out. Treat your body to joy and pampering as you experience relaxing, rejuvenating services from our skilled team. We listen to your goals and needs so that we can tailor each service just for you and transform that inner love to outer results. The Vi Beauty Lab team is a group of humans who have different and ever-changing bodies. We take immense pride in knowing that we can use our bodies, no matter how they change, to make our clients feel great about themselves. So, take a breath, you beautiful spirit in a changing frame. You deserve to love yourself. We’re here to help. 

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