The 3 Things You Need to Be Doing for Your Lashes

The 3 Things You Need to Be Doing for Your Lashes

If eyes are the windows to the soul, then lashes must be the curtains. Our lashes aren’t just part of feeling beautiful – they protect our eyes from all sorts of contaminants and even defend against harmful ultraviolet light. While we all learned how to properly shampoo our hair and wash our faces, it’s unlikely that you grew up knowing the proper way to care for your lashes. 

If you don’t already have a dedicated lash care routine, today’s the day to start one. Here are the three things you need to be doing for your lash health

Always Remove All of Your Mascara

Sleeping in your mascara is a huge no-no. While most of us do it from time to time, making it a habit can lead to eye infections, scratches and styes. Not only can you harm your eye health, but sleeping in mascara can cause breakage and make your lashes fall out as well, disrupting your natural shedding and growth cycle.

To keep your lashes fuller and healthier, remove your mascara completely each night. Micellar water, balms and even coconut oil are great options for gently  and effectively removing the day’s makeup. 

Cleanse Your Lashes Daily

Removing your makeup is step one, step two is paying attention to your lashes when you wash your face. Never rub your eyes; instead simply allow your fingers to gently pass over your lashes while you’re using your daily cleanser. Cream and oil-based cleansers are particularly effective for both lashes and brows. 

Even if you don’t wear mascara, it’s important to clean your eyelashes. They spend their day blocking dirt, debris and sweat from reaching your eyes, so even without makeup, there is plenty to clean up. 

Always Condition After Cleaning

Just like your face has night cream and your hair has conditioner, your lashes need their own moisture routine to stay healthy and strong. Lash serums and oils help promote healthy hairs and follicles, empowering lash growth. Coconut oil, castor oil and lanolin are great natural options for conditioning your lashes. 

After cleansing, apply your eyelash serum or other conditioner to the tips of your lashes using your fingers or a clean mascara wand. Gently massage it in, being careful not to tug. Try not to get too much oil deep into the lash line, or you’ll risk clogging your pores. 

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