Vi Beauty blog: The Beauty Spectrum: There’s No One Way To Be Beautiful

Vi Beauty blog: The Beauty Spectrum: There’s No One Way To Be Beautiful

When we look at nature, we do not question its diversity; we don’t judge its seasons. We have a lens of acceptance, and awe as we watch the wonders of nature unfold.  We delight in the early buds on a tree, their full green leaves, their transitions or bright oranges and yellows, and even their bare branches catching snow. When it comes to people, especially ourselves, we default to a lens of judgment. We judge others, and we judge ourselves the harshest.  At Vi Beauty Lab, we put a lens of curiosity on. We know that our power lies in that sweet space between stimulus and our response to it. We sit in silence and listen to the pouring’s of our clients as they spill their worries, concerns, and goals around what they see each day in the mirror, and we hold precious space for them to connect to their hearts. Because allowing ourselves permission to love ourselves, whatever that looks like, gives us permission to allow others to love us too. Come with us on a journey of disrupting the traditional ideas and judgements around beauty. 

Embrace Inner Beauty 

Sometimes the thought of “inner beauty” feels obvious. We all know how we “should” talk about beauty. We should ourselves, left and right and the “shoulding” can start to feel, well, ugly. Can you hear it? “True beauty begins within” or “beauty is more than skin deep”, “true beauty has nothing to do with our outsides.” We find ourselves in the very human place of judging ourselves for caring about what we look like. We find ourselves, feeling superficial because we want to be lashy or to have bright skin. What does inner beauty, look like or mean? The truth is, we will not know unless we ask a question and then another and yet another and then be still. Do not say a word. Even though every cell in our body says, “pick me, I know the answer!” Shhhh.. Listen; our true power lies in the space between stimulus and how we respond to it. In that sweet spot, hearts crack open and the beauty of a human spills all over us. In that stunning moment, we will feel the urge to jump in and exclaim, “YES! I feel that too, I have that too, I am afraid of that too!” or to just hold a hand. This is where connection happens and where we may find that inner beauty is messy. The beauty is in the connection made, the human experience, and the realization that our authentic self is disgustingly beautiful. When we take ownership of our ick and find beauty in the dark places inside of us, we are better able to define inner beauty for ourselves and vulnerably share it with the humans in front of us. 

Embrace Outer Beauty 

Standards of what constitutes physical beauty have been debated and changed across cultures and millennia. Anyone who has worked in the beauty industry can tell you that the trends around features and shapes of bodies and styles of hair that are considered beautiful by society are ever changing. That alone gives us permission to color outside the line; there’s no one way to be beautiful. External beauty is something we all possess. Our physical frame is a vessel to share what exists inside us. At Vi, External and Internal beauty are interconnected. We call it superstantial beauty. Because of this belief, external beauty is a big deal. If our heart’s desire is to look in the mirror and love what we see, no matter what that is, let’s own it. At Vi, we unsubscribe to the “shoulds”, we unsubscribe to the idea that what’s in our hearts doesn’t attach to what we see on our skin. Our stress, our food, our sleep, our joy, our sadness, it all attaches to our outer beauty. We believe when we are taking care of our insides, our outsides sing and when we are taking care of our outsides, our insides do too.  We all have a story that attaches to our hearts, and it intersects somewhere between our soul and our skin; why can’t we take care of both? We say, we can!

Own Your Story

We all have a story. We grew up with varying assumptions, attachments, assertions, values. Our family dinner tables probably looked very different. Do you remember going to a friend’s house for dinner and feeling out of place or loving their traditions? The culture of our familial relationships differ. Look at all of the humans out there we can learn about and from. Showing up curious, assuming the best of the people in front of us, IS what loving the humans in front of looks like. Look, it’s the small moments that matter, it’s the space in between the big stuff that matters. Just listen and you will hear the longing in a human heart; wait 3 full seconds after a person pauses to respond. The chances are, they have more story to tell and in that safe, silent gift of space that we allow for a person to share their story is where the magic happens. We dare you, to love the humans in front of you. Loving IS the hard work. Hating is easy. When we show up in judgement and hate, we have already written the story. Here’s the secret. Lean in. Listen. Can you hear it? The story we tell ourselves about another without their participation, is a lie. It simply is not true. When we stay curious and assume positive intent, we crack open possibilities for connection and partnership with hearts that may look so incredibly different than ours and are just as glorious. Isn’t that what makes life rich? Look, it may feel very safe in a world where we are all “twinning”, and that is not where we grow. That is not where we stretch. Growth happens in the uncomfortable. At Vi, we are a safe space, and all stories are welcome. We cannot wait to hear your heart and to see your face. 

Be Your Own Beautiful Vi Beauty Lab

Beauty isn’t limited to any age, race, gender, bone structure, weight, or ability. Beauty is abundant in all of us – inside and out. At Vi Beauty Lab, we are dedicated to empowering our clients to see, own, and celebrate their own beauty. The moment you step into Vi Beauty Lab, you’re not simply going into a beauty salon, you’re entering a space that fully embraces your inherent messy, beauty. Our team of warm, talented, experienced beauty pros offer services to enhance your unique beauty story, and to serve you as your journey to your own personal beauty goals. We know how hard it can be to feel authentically beautiful in this world. Book an appointment at Vi Beauty Lab; you are beautiful and we see it. See you soon, lovely!