Vi Beauty Blog: Your New Nightly Brow Routine

Vi Beauty Blog: Your New Nightly Brow Routine

It’s not just a passing fad: we humans are hardwired to love a fabulous brow. More than just aesthetic statement makers, our eyebrows serve important purposes. They protect our eyes, help us express emotion and even form a major part of facial recognition. Taking care of your eyebrows keeps these amazing multitaskers healthy and thriving while giving you an added boost of self-brow-love. You may already treat yourself to brow shaping, tint or lamination services, but what’s your at-home routine like? 

A few simple steps each day can help you revive your furrow, boost your healthy arches and make you feel fantastic. Say hello to your new nighttime brow routine

1. Brush Up

One of the most powerful tools in your brow care belt is perhaps the simplest: a spoolie. The twin sister of your mascara wand, spoolies are small wands with soft, tapered bristles. Spoolies are commonly used for shaping and fluffing brows when you’re getting ready, but it’s time to bring them into your nighttime routine. Brushing your brows each day helps exfoliate your skin and improves circulation to your hair follicles, promoting collagen-boosting cell regrowth. 

Get your nighttime routine off to a relaxing start by gently brushing your brows in the direction of growth with your spoolie. 

2. Cleanse, Exfoliate and Moisturize

Makeup isn’t the only thing you need to remove from your brows in the evening. They function as a natural sweatband, redirecting irritating liquids and oils away from your eyes. That’s part of why the big brow movement is great for our eye health, and it’s also why gentle daily cleansing and exfoliation are so important. You can cleanse your brows with your normal face wash so long as it’s suitable for the delicate skin around your eyes. Micellar water is a terrific option for brow cleaning. Wipe micellar water over your brow area, being careful not to rub. 

Next, exfoliate with a dedicated brow scrub – look for a non-abrasive chemical brow exfoliant, tea tree oil or sugar scrub. Focus on the skin around the perimeter of your brow, remembering to be gentle. Follow with a brow moisturizer packed with ingredients like ceramides, vitamin E and natural oils like coconut or castor. 

3. Give Some Extra TLC

Serums have become super popular in the skincare space, but have you been using an eyebrow serum? This extra dose of yum is the perfect way to finish your nightly routine.  Before you pop on that sleep mask and drift off to dreamland, apply a nutrient-rich eyebrow serum. Look for eyebrow serums that contain peptides, which are an enzyme epiphany for your skin and brows. The building blocks of collagen, elastin and keratin, peptides rebuild and repair damaged cells and promote growth for your brows. 

Following this nightly brow routine can help your brows get even better results from TLC services like brow tints, henna and lamination. 

Kick Off Your Brow Routine at Vi Beauty 

Let’s get your brow journey started off right. We’ll get your brows in shape and provide any advice you may need to kickstart your new routine.  From threading to brow lamination, our shaping, framing and tinting services accentuate your brows to enhance your features. We also provide expert guidance for brow care products and techniques that will help you achieve your brow goals and maintain your look between services. 

Whether you’re a brow newbie looking for guidance or a brow-fessional looking for a treat, we have something for you. Schedule your service at Vi Beauty Lab online or by calling (612) 299-1221.